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cubefield game

If you would like to play online game then this is your turn to become the winner of the game called –Cubifield. This is a wonderful chance for everyone to have fun and be as much as concentrated on the game as possible. There are a number of colorful cubes approaching to you and trying to crash you down. The keyboard arrows will assist you in choosing the right directions and this all will lead you to success. Be careful while playing and count your scores, sometimes it might seem to you that the speed is high during your race, but don’t give up and try to follow the rhythm. This is your chance, be cautious, result-oriented and skilled. While playing this game the scenes and the speed may change accordingly, shifting you to one level to another one, but don’t lose momentum and act accordingly. No matter whether you are an amateur or a professional player, every time you can stop the game and think wise, even some additional information gathered from experienced game players or comments left right here might be helpful for you. Take your time and enjoy your playing Among the easiest and hardiest games, there is one called  which has been greatly loved and most played game since 2006. Originally it was designed in flash by Max Abernethy. As we already mentioned the game is very simple and can be played by means of every web browser which supports flash player.

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The control of Cubefield

is very basic: you conduct an arrow (an object in the game) with the help of continuously pressing your right and left arrow keys. Cubefield also gives hot key feature which enables you to quickly affect the game: use “P” to halt the game at any moment, use Q to change the quality of images forthwith. There is one thing that we cannot deviate from, while we are discussing this awesome game, this is the interface which catches the players’ eyes. We should also say that it can be played by anyone since it provides the ease you haven’t even heard of before. You can enjoy the game on our website which gives as much ease as the content itself. Now it’s time to talk about the plot: let’s keep it simple, you are an arrow and you are trying to make your way through the cubes of different colors so that you don’t crash into them, anyway if you crash you get the game-over window which asks you to launch the process all over again, actually this is the homepage. There is also a score counter on the top-left side which counts the score rapidly while you are playing and when you finish it you get the score displayed on your screen immediately. There is no delay between the windows the game pops up. Please be careful with abrupt movement of the arrow as it will end up in a mass amount of cruel cubes appearing close to the arrow which will increase the risk of crashing into them and termination of the process. There is also one thing to consider while playing, never ever make movements unless you don’t see a cube on your trajectory, I know these quick tips can be very basic verbally but while playing, trust me they’ll come handy. After a few minutes of play Cube Field automatically speeds up and gains a different look, designed obscure and green lines.

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In a brief word, Max has reason to exult as his objective has been reached! However if you haven’t deduced the objective of the game yet I can tell you that it was to please the players of the web by giving them the ease with which they would have a great time and gain genuine freedom and gratification from playing. In a nutshell the game turned out to be addictive enough to give it one mere thumb-up. Please be kind and share the game in social networks if you liked it. We appreciate your amicable attitude and sincerely give you thanks for reading this humble article. If you have any questions regarding the game please feel free to get in touch with us. Have a nice day!
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